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Date: 20th June 2016
Grey Double-Sided Acrylic Vhb Foam Tape for Auto Use
Basic InfoType:Double-side TapeMaterial:No BaseUsage:Bond Two ObjectsAdhesive:AcrylicWaterproof:WaterproofTemperature- Resistance:High TemperatureColor:GreyThickness:800mmLength:33m Grey Double-sided Acrylic VHB Foam Tape for Auto UseProduct descriptionAcrylic foam tape is relying on the mold base material (PET,Website:, PE, brown paper, glasin release paper), coated compound high-performance and high-adhesion acrylic foam on the base material surface, then cut into roll. There are 4 colors: transparent, black, gray and white. It has many advantages, such as waterproof, anti-vibration, heat-resisting, sound proof, strong adhesion, weather resistance, good dimensional stability, excellent cutting performance and etc.. This series of products has a very high coating performance, high viscosity, Mpa and holding power. With a strong gap filling ability, it can provide lasting adhesive sealing for?various?situations. It also be widely used in many articles surfaces or contact surface, such as metal, wood, glass and plastic surface.?Details and SpecificationsDetails?and?Specifications?Product?NameAcrylic?(VHB)?Foam?TapeGlueAcrylicColorClear,?White?Grey,?BlackUsageBe?widely?used?in?electronic?and?automobile?industryFeatureAcrylic?foam?tapeExcellent?viscosity?and?durabilityWaterproof?,?high?temperature?resistanceStrong?tensile?strength?AdvantageWe're?a?professional?manufacturer?in?producing?acrylic?foam?tape.?Factory?direct?sales,?low?price,?quality?assurance.Country?of?OriginShenzhen,ChinaPortShenzhenPaymentL/C,?T/TProduct seriesSeriesColorThicknessRelease Material3M Replacement2025GGrey?????????????0.25red?PE?release?liner421653552025G0.25release?brown?paper?2040G0.4red?PE?release?liner421549262040G0.4release?brown?paper?2064G0.64red?PE?release?liner?2064G0.64release?brown?paper?2080G0.8red?PE?release?liner?2010G1.0red?PE?release?liner4229P2012G1.2red?PE?release?liner4941/46114211/53562012G1.2release?brown?paper?2016G1.6red?PE?release?liner4956/53562020G2.0red?PE?release?liner4620/499149912023RG2.3red?PE?release?liner?2030RG3.0red?PE?release?liner?Features and application1. With the development requirement of science and technology, all kinds of acrylic foam tape (acrylic foam tape without base, AST Acryl foam tape, acryl foam tape with backing material, waterproof acrylic foam tape) have become an indispensable products. It occupies an important place in the tape industry and is widely used in the automobile, electronic, plastic, metal and construction industry. For this product, it has the advantage of strong cohesion, anti-aging, strong weatherability, simple operation and superior performance.2. The automobile industry: mainly used in inner and outer?decorative parts?of?an?automobile, nameplate, windows visor, car mirror, all kinds of panel, roof assemble, rubbing strip, bumper, signs, foot plate, all kinds of automobile, bounding motorcycle nameplate, sign, and letters' bounding, car decoration, wasserfangleiste, sealing strip, the car's interior panel; the appliances shell and hardware structural bounding and fastening; bounding the metal contact surface with rubber, PVC, synthetic resin, PP and glass material. With high adhesive performance, Acrylic Foam Tape has play an indispensible role in many fields.3. The building area: glass?with lamination edge sealing, doors and windows assemble, glass curtain wall decoration, aluminum curtain wall and elevator wall installation and fastening.4. Industrial sectors: logo; the bounding of sign's letter, Chinese characters and patterns in aluminum alloy, PC, PP and ABS material; electronic signs; LED panels and labels framework bounding and fastening; metal nameplates, plastic parts, metal parts, die-cutting pads and equipment interface bonding5. Electronics: mobile phone PCB assembly; LCD TV panel bounding; fastening nameplates, signs. mobile phone parts.
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